Self Prostate Massage Orgasm

Self prostate massage orgasm or self prostate milking oneself is more difficult than a partnered prostate ejaculate massage but extremely pleasurable. It usually requires good instructions and a tool such as an Aneros, Nexus or finger. With the right information and tools mastering the ulimtate solo male orgasm can be a regular experience.

Besides the hints for self prostate touch below, men often find it easier to use prostate toys or tools when doing a self prostate massage. Below are a some favorite top rated prostate massage toys and tools for beginners to advanced users. To skip directly to the toys just scroll down the page and find recommendations for products with the highest quality standards and most novel approaches so you can get right at the pith of orgasm.

Giving Oneself A Manual Prostate Massage

Performing a Prostate Massage on oneself for pleasure is very similar to the partnered technique; however, there are several pointers to make the experience go more smoothly. It is important to note that only men with a healthy prostate should receive a prostate massage as there can be risks involved.

What you need:
  1. Water based hypo-allergenic lubricant
  2. Sterile latex gloves
  3. Aneros or Cradle(Highly Recommended
    toys for giving onself an Orgasm)
Self Prostate Massage
Step 1:
Trim the fingernails making
sure there are no rough edges and carefully wash the hands with soap and water for at least 60 seconds.
TIP: Urinate and have a bowel movement before the massage in order to release stress from the area. Follow this by thoroughly washing the body.
Step 2:
Put on the sterile latex glove(s) and apply the lubricant to the fingers.
Step 3:
For added pleasure grasp and massage the penis before coming to the anus. The higher the state of arousal the more pleasurable the prostate orgasm is. When at the anus test the lubricant around the opening of the anus.
Step 4:
Gently massage and knead around the anus loosening and lubricating the muscles and making sure not to insert a finger abruptly. Depending on the position is can be
Step 5:
Insert the pointer and/or index finger moving gradually in the direction of the navel. When performing the massage solo it is often easier to insert the middle finger instead of the index or pointer. Do not insert fingers entirely and do not use an in and out movement.
Tip: During the Prostate Massage or Milking, it is common to experience the sensation of having to urinate even though it is not necessary. If possible continue the massage as the sensation passes.
Step 6:
You will feel the Prostate which is bulb shaped and about the size of a Walnut . The Prostate has a center and two sides. Avoid massaging the center with much pressure since it has many sensitive nerve endings. Use a soft waving motion with the finger(s) along the sides and listen for the receiver’s sounds of pleasure. Focus on the spots that cause pleasure.
Step 7:
After some minutes the overwhelming feeling of having an ejaculation and orgasm may arise. To increase the pleasure use the free hand to massage the penis simultaneously. Try to syncronize the prostate massage with the penis rubbing. Note: it is also normal for no ejaculation to occur when only the prostate is being stimulated.

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6 Important Things To Remember About a Self Prostate Massage Orgasm

  1. Always check with your doctor before trying a prostate massage or prostate milking. This is particullary true if there are any doubts about the health of your prostate..
  2. It can difficult to perform the massage yourself if you are overweight or not very flexible so, if need be, find a partner who can do it for you.
  3. Use a high quality lubricant that is hypo-allergenic. It is a good idea to test a small amount of the lubricant around the opening of the anus before performing the prostate ejaculate massage.
  4. Wear latex gloves to inhibit the introduction of bacteria and possible health problems.
  5. Be very gental and very gradually when performing the massage so you do not cause pain. This massage should never cause pain. Stop immediately in case of pain.
  6. Spontaneous, Earth shatteringly explosive ejaculations may occur.

It is important to note that there can be serious health consequences if a prostate milking or prostate massage is done incorrectly. Visit The Healthy Prostate for immediate access to detailed video instructions.